Top 10 Challenges Of Parenting That Many Parents Fail To Address

Top 10 Challenges Of Parenting That Many Parents Fail To Address Challenges of Parenting

Parenting is one of the aspects which is very much standard nowadays. Challenges of parenting are significant in number, which are explained.

What is Parenting, and its Importance?

From infancy to adulthood, parenting or child-rearing encourages and supports a child’s physical, mental, social, and intellectual growth. Parenting encompasses the complexities of raising a child and is not limited to biological relationships. The child’s birth parent(s) in question, either the father or mother or both, is the most common caretaker in parenting.

Parenting is the most rewarding task we’ll ever have, but it isn’t without parenting challenges. Moreover, Parenting skill is the most critical aspect to be considered while becoming parents. Family life in today’s world can be overwhelming, and dealing with different stresses on families isn’t always straightforward. In the end, parents want the best for their children, and a good parent-child relationship will help children achieve better outcomes which results in good parenting. Thus having a positive relation in society, results in a positive parenting group.

Challenges Of Parenting

The aggressive and harsh attitude

This is a complex problem that various single parenting challenges may cause. Suppose your child’s behavior is left unchecked. In that case, he will grow into an enraged child who yells and destroys things, constantly causing problems and tension for himself and you. And if it is taken care of, then the child can have good behavior.


It’s improbable that your child is acting irrationally angry. Try talking to him to see if there are any conditions inside or outside the house that make him anxious.

Disobedience in the Child

When you ask your child to do something, and he flatly declines, it can be frustrating. Most parents mistake this for rudeness or arrogance, but your child primarily attempts to determine his worth and opinion.


A good indication that your child has an opinion is when he or she expresses it. Talk to him about why you need him to do what you’re asking, and listen to his reasons for not doing it. It would mostly work if you reasoned it out. This is one of the few challenges of parenting that new parents find hard to crack.

Throwing Tantrums

This isn’t the same as crying or moaning. When your child has a temper tantrum, he will start crying and not explain why. He would avoid your instructions or want to calm down instead of wreaking havoc – one of the typical parenting challenges.


There is a significant power dynamic at work here, and it is essential not to lose your composure. When your child has stopped crying, tell him that you can listen to him. Continue with your activities until then. When he realizes that his tantrum has little effect on you, he will come to a halt and tell you what he wants.

Hatred Among Siblings

challenges of parenting

Every parent expects their children to compete and argue with one another. However, if they get out of hand, they can manifest hatred for one another. Furthermore, frequent fights will cause you a lot of grief and degrade the environment in your home. Sadly, this is one of the most common challenges of parenting.


Intervene early on to calmly fix the issue and then speak to them about how they should do the same. The first step should be to comfort all children and not to blame young children for the elder child’s actions. Enforce a rule that any dispute would result in a punishment for both children.

Telling Lies

Almost every child lies at some point in their lives. And if you suspect your child is lying, don’t confront him about it. As a consequence, he continues to lie and develops a pattern of doing so. If left unchecked, this might lead to you being kept in the dark about important information. Parenting challenges are never going to be easy and you will need the patience to deal with such situations.

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When your child lies, you mustn’t scold or punish him. Scolding will make way for other challenges of parenting. Let him know you’re aware of the lie and discuss why it’s not healthy. Ask him not to be afraid of you when he tells the truth, even if it means admitting to making a mistake.

A Complaining Attitude

Almost every child moans and complains to their parents. For the tiniest of things, he would scream and groan. Any minor occurrence at school, while playing with his friends, or even at home can cause him to complain and whine about it for the rest of the day.


It’s essential to understand that your child’s sole motivation for crying and moaning is to see if you’re paying attention to him. It’s best to approach him as soon as you hear him complain and quickly suggest a solution. Gradually teach him how to communicate his problems instead of crying all the time. Talk to him about how he should deal with some of his issues.

Not Willing To Do Homework

parenting challenges - homework

One of the biggest challenges Of parenting that every parent has struggled with is with their child procrastinating on completing homework, preparing for an upcoming test, or simply remembering what was taught. Typically, this is met with scolding or pressuring the child to sit and finish the chapter.


Talk to the child about his favorite subjects in school to instill a sense of curiosity and interest in that topic. Talk to him about how the information can be implemented with real-life examples if he is rusty or unfocused on a particular topic. When it comes to studying, sticking to a schedule works wonders.

Bad Eating Habits

One of the most common challenges of parenting that parents face is that their children do not consume proper meals at the appropriate times and in sufficient quantities. They would avoid consuming fruits and vegetables instead of consuming candy and snacks kept in the kitchen. Burgers, pizzas, and other snack foods captivate them, and your child may want to eat only those once you leave the house.


Forcing never succeeds in these situations. Discuss the consequences of continued junk food consumption with your kids. Show him cases of obesity and other health problems. Include him in the kitchen’s various tasks and show him how a nutritious meal is made.

Cannot Give Up Digital Devices

Our lives revolve around computers, but children have a different perspective on them which gives rise to several challenges of parenting. They would take out their phones and video game consoles and become engrossed in them for hours. Suppose you refuse to give him the gadgets or take them away from him. In that case, your child will become enraged, impatient, or start crying uncontrollably.


Children are introduced to the digital environment by their parents. It is your responsibility as a parent to expose your children to other things that provide them with the same enthusiasm or fervor as devices. Outdoor sports and board games are also excellent options in which you can participate. Try to set aside particular times or hours for your child to use his or her gadgets and this should solve most of the parenting challenges with technology around us.

Shyness in Behavior

As children grow up, they start meeting other kids in school and their neighborhood. Many kids are introverted and fear going out, while some are extrovert type and like socializing a lot.


Observing your child is the best way to deal with many challenges of parenting, and this is one such situation. If he deliberately refuses to interact with other children, you can gently suggest that he make friends. It would help if you never forced him to engage in conversation or play with another person. Two shy children can become friends in some cases.


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