Top 7 Weird Pregnancy Symptoms That No Body Will Tell You

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Some weird pregnancy symptoms can give you a tough time. But this is not to scare you, instead to prepare you for the worst.

Everyone must have told you about morning sickness or experience weird mood swings. But do you know that you may face sore and bleeding gums? And, your taste buds will go on a rollercoaster ride?

My friends and I have faced some weird pregnancy symptoms, which I will share here in this article. I will also tell you how you can minimize these symptoms.

Sour or metallic taste

My day always starts with a cup of tea the entire adult life. But as soon as I became pregnant, the tea tastes terrible. Due to this, I faced headache issues initially in the first trimester.

Dysgeusia, or change in taste buds during pregnancy, is likely caused by pregnancy hormones. This way, you start hating the food you liked the most and vice-versa. But don’t worry, this won’t last long, hopefully, as some women get back their sense of taste at the onset of the second trimester, or maybe later in pregnancy.

Try these tricks to minimize the effect of one of these unusual early pregnancy symptoms-

  • Eat what you love. Don’t feel sad about quitting your favourite food. You will start loving it soon or definitely after giving birth.
  • Dissipate that metallic taste with acids like citrus juices such as lemon soda, etc.
  • Try some pickles if you like to eat.
  • Consult your gynaecology to check out your vitamins. Some vitamins taste more metallic, unlike others.

Again, don’t worry preggo, dysgeusia is witnessed as one of the early pregnancy symptoms in most of the women which then stay away from you in second trimester.

You will become a sleeping beauty

Suppose you are a woman like me and my friend who had followed a pattern of Eat. Sleep. Repeat in her pregnancy, then yes, you will sleep a lot in the first trimester of pregnancy. But don’t worry, this is very normal. Give your body its space as it is normal to feel lethargic when you are protecting and nurturing the baby.

The organ nurturing the baby till birth, known as the placenta, remains busy making more blood, and your heart pumps faster than usual. So, try not to push yourself too much, but yeah, a good 15 minutes walk can do wonders and keep you a bit active at the same time. This is also one of the early pregnancy symptom. 

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Brushing your teeth won’t be easy

Due to nausea, morning sickness, and vomiting, your mouth gets sour. Moreover, your stomach throws out the strong acids which stick to your teeth. This way, the metallic taste in your mouth does not allow you to brush your teeth, and you feel nauseous again. This is one of the weird pregnancy symptoms I hated the most. 

Pro Tip: I would suggest starting your day with solids instead of liquids. If you start your day with solids such as your favourite cookies, fruit, etc., it becomes easy to brush, and you do no vomit after that. 

Bloating will always stay by your side

Say hi to your new buddy – bloating, which will stay especially in your first trimester of pregnancy. During pregnancy, your body produces more progesterone which relaxes muscles in your body. And this way, the muscles of your intestine also relaxes. Slower movement of intestine muscles causes indigestion. This entitles a gas to build up, which roots to bloating, flatulence, and burping. 

Here are some tips and tricks to reduce the effect of this weird pregnancy symptom-

  • Stay hydrated and drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Keep a bottle with you everywhere you go, even in the house.
  • Eat less spicy food
  • Eat fibre rich foods like fruits such as apples, pears; vegetables such as broccoli, sweet potato, cucumber, carrots; whole grains, and legumes.
  • Walk in the morning and evening at least for 15 minutes or as per your gynaecologist guidelines.

weird pregnancy symptoms - parent deck

Inflammation and bleeding gums

When your pregnancy hormones are pumping, it can feel like your mouth is on fire. One of the most weird pregnancy symptoms is some pretty gnarly bleeding gums. I know what you’re thinking “How can pregnancy do this to my gums?” Well, I’m happy to answer that. Pregnancy is a lot of hormones and the overproduction of progesterone. This hormone makes the gums dry and sore, so they bleed easily. The doctor says that your gums become more sensitive during the third trimester and bleed more easily.

Follow the below quick ways and take good care of your teeth-

  • The first thing you should do is see your dentist for a cleaning. A professional cleaning can make a significant difference in how your mouth feels, how clean your teeth are, and how much bacteria lurk in your mouth.
  • Brush regularly and floss in a gentle back and forth motion.
  • You can also use an electric toothbrush to make sure you’re getting all those hard to reach spots.
  • Brush your teeth twice a day in the morning and before sleeping.

Postpartum hair loss

It’s not uncommon for women to experience postpartum hair loss, otherwise known as telogen effluvium. It happens a few months after delivery when hair falls out as a result of changing hormones. A woman might lose anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day during this stage. Telogen effluvium typically lasts for six months. But don’t worry, your hair will eventually grow back!

One of the best things you can do to prevent hair loss is to take prenatal vitamins and limit your intake of alcohol, caffeine, smoking, and medications. You can also use some herbal home remedies to reduce postpartum hair loss.

Your lips can remain chapped during first trimester

Dryness of the mouth, lips, dry skin, dry eyes, dry nose, and dry throat are some unusual early pregnancy symptoms. The first time I heard these words, I thought they were all part of a song. It turns out, dryness is all too common for pregnant women. The dryness is caused by hormones that are produced during pregnancy, and these hormones can be difficult for the body to regulate in some women.

Of course, one way to ensure dry skin is getting hydrated is to drink lots of water. But if you tend to forget about drinking enough water, then consider applying a moisturiser. In addition, to help keep skin moisturised it is important to pay attention to what you are eating. For example, if you are craving ice cream then try soaking up some hydration by adding it to your diet with an ice cream. With these tips, you are sure to have a healthy, moisturised pregnancy!

When it comes to weird pregnancy symptoms, you’re not alone. The majority of women experience bloating, metallic mouth, and heartburn at some point during their pregnancy. Some women, however, may experience symptoms that are rarer, such as skin changes, bleeding gums or mood swings. For the women who do experience more unusual symptoms, it’s vital to discuss them with their doctor to be sure everything is going well.


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