What Is The Cost For Surrogate Mother? [Explained]

What Is The Cost For Surrogate Mother? [Explained] funny mobile moment t20 294Oy6

The practice of surrogacy has become quite famous in current times. The average cost for surrogate mothers involved in surrogacy usually ranges from USD 15,000 to USD 70,000. This variation in the cost of the process is often caused by the different sets of rules and regulations traditionally decided by numerous surrogacy clinics or fertility centers.

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is a method that involves the process of assisted reproduction. The intended parents usually work with a gestational carrier or surrogate mom to carry their babies until birth. These intended parents generally start or try to grow their families using this process when any physical condition limits them from doing so.

The process of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) makes it possible to collect the eggs from the mother and fertilize them with the sperm collected from the father. The embryo thus formed is placed in the uterus to carry on the gestational surrogacy. The baby is carried by the surrogate mom till birth.

Cost For Surrogate Mother

What Are The Types of Surrogacy?

With the practice of surrogacy branching out gradually, it is generally classified into two types:

Traditional Surrogacy

Traditional surrogacy is a form that is gradually losing itself with the medical field’s progress and the advancement of legal rulings.

In this process, the surrogate mom gets artificially inseminated by the father. This artificial insemination process can take place either at home or in a lab setting with IUI treatments.

In this form of surrogacy, half of the child’s genetic material is supplied to the child by the surrogate mother. Before advancements in this field, this was the only way possible. This process has currently lost much of its popularity. It is much more complicated and gives a difficult time in legislating the rightful parents to the child due to the usage of the eggs of the surrogate mom.

Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy is the process where the genetic material is extracted from both the intended parents. This genetic material is further combined in a lab and then implanted in the womb of the surrogate mom using various IVF procedures. However, in cases where a parent is unable to provide the genetic material, a donated material is used.

This process has been gaining popularity in the field of all the other standard surrogacy procedures. In gestational surrogacy, the child’s genetic material is not connected to that of the surrogate mother whatsoever. This makes it a lot easier for the legalities to determine the child’s rightful parents.

What Are The Costs Involved In The Process of Surrogacy?

Cost For Surrogate Mother

The average cost for surrogate mother is usually not in the lower range. The average price for private surrogacy usually involves surrogate compensation and expenses, agency fees, legal fees, and fertility clinic fees.

However, multiple other factors are also taken into consideration. These include the base pay for hiring an experienced surrogate which is usually paid in installments after the child’s heartbeat has been detected.

There are cases when multiple fees are required in the case of twin pregnancy or triplet pregnancy. The cost involved also involves a compensation fee for the cost for surrogate mother at times if she misses work or develops any weird pregnancy symptoms or post-pregnancy side effects or any unexpected occurrences.

Each surrogacy contract usually outlines two of the significant legal issues, which include:

Finances: The attorneys for the individual parties usually negotiate for the base compensation in the cost for surrogate mother. They also take into consideration the additional payments for items like maternity clothes. This contract also determines any forms of added compensation that would be charged if any unexpected complications or any other unforeseen circumstances include events where the surrogate has to carry multiple babies.

Social Requirements: The legal documents also tend to outline the primary responsibilities of the surrogate throughout pregnancy. The fact that she has to stay forbidden from tobacco, drugs, and alcohol is mentioned here. Most of these contracts also mention the vital prenatal appointments at the time of birth. One must work with professionals and drafts a concrete agreement.

What Are The Fees Associated With The Agencies That Will Help You With Surrogacy?

The agencies that help you throughout this process of surrogacy are legal bodies that have been authorized to do so. The legal fee is the money derived for drafting the gestational surrogacy contract covering the gestational surrogacy cost. This falls under the cost for surrogate mother.  This fee is derived from the intended parents. However, this must not be confused with the unique expenses related to the legal part of this surrogacy process.

It is to be noted that the cost behind obtaining this draft of the gestational surrogacy contract for the intended parents has quite the range. It is also to be kept in mind that the fee required to establish the child’s parentage is the highest in this legal procedure.

Once this legal contract gets drafted, it is required for the agency to review this contract on gestational surrogacy. And this step adds an extra fee or expense to the list.

What Are The Costs Associated With The Medical Procedures?

The cost behind the process of IVF surrogacy is generally more expensive than traditional IVF. It is widespread these days for doctors to perform a mock cycle on the intended parents and the surrogate during the testing phase, which adds a sum of money to the total cost for surrogate mother.

Other additional procedures that take place during pregnancy also add a specific cost. These procedures usually include invasive processes like fetal reduction or Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS), amniocentesis, cerclage, or Dilation & Curettage (D&C).

What Are The Other Costs Involved In Surrogacy?

What Is The Cost For Surrogate Mother? [Explained] phychiatrist phychologist counselor therapist consulting giving relationship advice to couple t20 mLwX98

Apart from the expenses mentioned above, there are also other costs involved in the total cost for surrogate mother.  This is the money that is to be paid by the intended parents.  This consists of the

  • Cost for surrogate mother maternity clothing allowance
  • The additional clothing allowance in case of multiples
  • The miscellaneous expenses for the month
  • The telephone charges
  • The meals
  • The medicines and supplements
  • The fees for attending support groups.

This cost also includes any travel expenses or hotel fees for the surrogate during the embryo transfer. The pregnancy pampers packs required from the 16th week are also taken into account.

Lastly, these costs would also include any extra allowances to the cost for surrogate mother. For instance, if she has to miss work or is cut off on her usual salary due to the pregnancy.

What Are The Costs of Surrogacy Covered By The Agency?

The agency that you are associated with would help you during this journey.

They ensure that you have their full support and coordination during the period. There are many parts in the surrogacy journey that include travel, paperwork, and appointments with clinics and hospitals.

To help you with these activities, your agency costs cover providing you with the following:

  • Program Coordinator
  • Attorney
  • A dedicated team with a senior program manager to look after your entire journey

This team keeps track of your history and helps your queries down the line.

The agency also provides you with assistance in choosing a good IVF clinic. They also help you manage your IVF schedule by giving you proper assistance with the egg donor if there.

Surrogacy is instead an emotional rollercoaster, and the mother must have support outside of her family and friends as well. This is for both the intended parents and the surrogate. The agency fee also covers surrogacy support programs and monthly social worker calls that help you in this journey.

Does Insurance Cover Surrogacy?

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It is a pervasive thought among the intended parents regarding the insurance after the cost for surrogate mother.  They tend to wonder whether the insurance coverage companies take surrogacy arrangements under control. Well, the truth remains that while some companies do, some of them do not.

It is most common for insurers to cover the cost of natural pregnancies. However, if your insurance policy has a clause stating the opposite, it is not covered. Though, if there is no mention of the same, you must contact your insurer and enquire about the same.


Well, you should understand that surrogacy might not always be straightforward. This is no piece of cake. However, more people with fertility issues tend to reach out for this option in recent times.

Although there are people for whom the cost for surrogate mothers becomes a big deal. However, they still tend to look into this option because of its highly efficient nature, positive growth rate, and successful results.


  1. Thank you for sharing a handful of information about Surrogacy. We should definitely talk about it more freely in our society. This process is such a blessing for a woman who wants to be a mother but couldn’t due to her physical conditions.

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